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Take a look at some selected rehab videos, some links to other organizations and partners and tip sheets about various ailments that may help you find relief.



This is a great, easy to follow video about chronic pain.


Sungod Physio Baseball
Shoulder Rehab

A proprioceptive focus with example exercise progressions for baseball pitchers.
  • Testimonials


    “I have been a patient at Oceanside Physiotherapy for approximately two years. I am recovering from a motor vehicle accident and have had an extremely positive experience. The staff is helpful and caring, whether it is in rearranging appointments to fit my schedule or creating a personalized exercise program to achieve the maximum benefit and tweaking it as I progress. I credit them with helping me to cope with the physical and mental issues that are present when dealing with chronic pain. Having a fully equipped on-site gym has given me the opportunity to “do my exercises” even on days when I don’t have an appointment to see the physiotherapist. I have and will continue to recommend Oceanside Physiotherapy to my friends.”
  • Testimonials


    “I have seen Jason quite a few times over the past five years, for both those sudden, painful conditions that seem to come out of nowhere, and also for problems caused by having a chronic disease. He is an incredibly patient, attentive person who is generous with his time, and has always been spot-on with the diagnosis, providing treatment which he tailors to fit my sometimes compromised ability to exercise. It’s nice to have a therapist who is so supportive and understanding. Also great to know that some pains, when diagnosed and treated quickly, really can improve fast and disappear with a couple of weeks. What a relief! All the Oceanside Physiotherapy staff are really pleasant and accommodating, and wait times for appointments are not long. Absolutely first-rate, professional service is provided in a friendly and comfortable environment. I cannot speak highly enough of them.”
  • Testimonials

    BP, RN,BSc.N (Ret.)

    “I have been a client of the centre over a number of years when seeking professional information and services. Starting at the front office, I receive prompt attention and response to specific requests. The appointments with the therapists and kinesiologists are very helpful, professional and always educational. Follow up appointments consist of a review of progress, an evaluation of various treatment suggestions and offer of more approaches. I have also participated in the gym program and have been very pleased with my progress after following the program designed for me by the staff. I have been able to sustain a fitness regimen tailored to my specific needs and abilities. I am delighted to offer these comments about Oceanside Physiotherapy and Work Conditioning Centre.”
  • Testimonials

    Retired Police Officer

    “I have been going to Oceanside Physiotherapy Clinic for many years for a variety of aches and pains. I have been treated by most of the physiotherapists, but primarily Jason. He has been quick to accurately diagnose the ailment, explain what has caused it, how he is going to treat it, how I should expect to be able to progress with the treatment, and how to prevent it reoccurring. I have always left the clinic knowing that my aches and pains will be relieved. I have always been met with a welcome greeting from all the staff, who always display professionalism. Even though you may not feel well when you arrive, you can be assured these folks will make you feel better.”
  • Testimonials


    “I do not hesitate to recommend Oceanside Physio in Parksville. Jason (owner/operator) is a caring, knowledgable, conscientious physiotherapist, he addressed my injuries as well as other issues I have. Without him I would not have the mobility in my shoulder that I do. The staff is exceptionally friendly, everyone is caring & gave me lots of encouragement throughout my program. The gym is clean, with a wide variety of equipment to complete your workout. Never thought I’d say this after all the pain from my shoulder operations but I enjoy coming here, without them I would not be where I am with full mobility of my shoulders. The weight loss was an added bonus! Thank you Jason & all the staff at Oceanside Physio. You’re the BEST!”
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Listed below are links to professional organizations, insurance companies, and businesses we collaborate with.


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