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Oceanside Physiotherapy offers competitive rates while also offering direct billing with most major insurance companies. We make it easy for you as we are also proficient with WorkSafeBC and ICBC.

  • Initial Physiotherapy Visit

    (or if greater than 3 months)

  • Subsequent Physiotherapy Visit
  • Extended Visit (for multiple areas)
  • Laser Only Visit
  • Patient Visit Fee (MSP) Premium Assistance (see below)

    ($40 discount off of any treatment session)

  • Patient Visit Fee ICBC Claimants
  • WSBC (see below)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Gunn IMS Initial Visit
  • Gunn IMS Subsequent Visit

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

  • If your combined family income is less than $30,000/year (based on last years’ income) you may qualify for premium assistance.

  • If you qualify for premium assistance, you will receive $40 off the cost of an assessment or treatment session.
  • If you are approved for premium assistance, you are eligible for 10 subsidized treatment sessions per calendar year.

  • If you’re not sure if you qualify, please contact us and we can assist you with your query.

Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC)

  • You do not need a doctor’s referral to commence treatment.

  • Initially covers up to 25 treatment sessions in the first 3 months after your motor vehicle accident.

  • There are now no user fees for approved ICBC claims

WorkSafeBC (WSBC)

  • You do not need a doctor’s referral to commence treatment.
  • WSBC will cover your first visit as long as you have a claim activated.
  • If your claim is not approved, please discuss payment options with the administration staff.


  • A doctor’s referral is required to commence treatment.
  • Treatment authorization and length varies per case.
  • There are no user fees for DVA or RCMP funded treatments.

Extended Health Care and Private Insurance Companies

  • Please contact your insurance provider to determine coverage details and limits. You may require a doctor’s referral to be reimbursed for your treatments.

Direct Billing

  • We are pleased to now offer direct billing to the insurance companies listed below. If your insurance provider is not listed, contact us to see if we have since added them to our growing list of companies.

Transparent web logo for Alberta Blue Cross Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for Canada Life Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for Claimsecure Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for Empire Life Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for Green Shield Canada Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for Johnston Group Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for Maximum Benefit Insurance Company
Transparent web logo for SSQ Insurance Company

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