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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy provides preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitative services to help you achieve your highest level of physical function. It is a non-intrusive, cost-effective choice for managing your health.

Sport Physiotherapy | Manual/Manipulative Therapy | Vestibular Rehabilitation | Exercise Therapy | Neurological | Electrotherapy | Respiratory

From the therapists to the reception staff, they are all professional, knowledgeable and caring. They take time to understand your issues and that your treatment will help you long term.
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Looking for a physio or sports clinic? Come to Oceanside for help 

We offer physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation services – non-intrusive, cost-effective choices for managing your health.

Our services help you achieve your highest level of physical function through preventative, diagnostic, and rehabilitative approaches. For physical therapy help, we will set up an initial assessment followed by treatment and the knowledge to manage your acute or chronic conditions.

Contact our physiotherapy clinic serving Qualicum Beach and Parksville to get started. Our friendly staff members are available to answer any questions about setting up your path to recovery.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy

  • Improves physical strength
  • Helps reduce pain
  • Pain management
  • Recover from injuries
  • Natural, drug-free treatment
  • Non-surgical option
  • Boosts coordination
  • Helps improve lung capacity and function

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Types of Physiotherapy

Our staff are highly trained in a variety of treatment types. 

Not sure what is best for you? Don’t worry, we will choose the best treatment options for the best possible outcome.

Sport Physiotherapy 

Our comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program helps athletes get back to what they love doing most – competing.

Manual/Manipulative Therapy

Mobilizations and manipulations are hands-on treatment techniques aimed to restore joint mobility, decrease muscle tone, and improve soft tissue extensibility.

The therapists who perform these techniques have completed rigorous post-graduate training and certifying exams.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based approach to relieve the symptoms and discomfort of vestibular disorders.

Dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness and balance problems can all be treated through a gentle exercise program tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Twisting a band

Exercise Therapy

Specific stretching, strengthening, and stabilization exercises are introduced early into your treatment and are integral to relieving symptoms, improving function, and injury prevention.


Neurological conditions including stroke, brain injury, MS and other movement disorders can benefit from individualized exercise programs.

Depending on your needs and goals, exercises will be designed to improve function and can include balance training, coordination recovery, strengthening and gait training.


Our clinic utilizes several techniques for this type of therapy including ultrasounds, lasers, interferential current (IFC), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).


Yes, physiotherapy can help with some respiratory problems!

Certain conditions such as COPD, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc can be treated with postural drainage and manual therapy techniques.

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